Surveying Adhearsion usage

It’s been approximately 7 months since we last surveyed the Adhearsion community about how and where Adhearsion is being used, and users’ priorities for the project. Since that time, much has changed. Here is a selection of highlights over that time:

  • Major performance enhancements to Adhearsion 2 on Asterisk have been realized
  • The Rayo specification has been published by the XSF, and Adhearsion/Punchblock have been made compliant with the latest revision
  • FreeSWITCH has gained a Rayo server implementation that is compliant with the specification, and this has gained wide adoption
  • Adhearsion has become fully compatible with JRuby, and use on JRuby has been adopted among many of the larger Adhearsion deployments for better performance
  • Asterisk 12 has been released with updated APIs
  • The last AdhearsionConf was hosted in Atlanta in December 2013
  • Several important new plugins for Adhearsion have been released or significantly improved, including Voicemail, Matrioska (In-Call Apps), Lemondrop (Redis), Statsd (Adhearsion-Stats), and more

For these reasons, we feel it is now time to once again gather the opinions and usage data of the Adhearsion community and have updated our survey to that effect. We would really appreciate if everyone who currently uses Adhearsion as part of their application stack could spend a few minutes to complete it, in order to more fully inform the core team of the priorities for the project going forward, and help us to deliver a more valuable, performant, flexible and robust Adhearsion core.

Take the 2014 Adhearsion Survey

This survey will close on Friday, February 28th and the results will be published here on Monday, March 10th. Thanks for supporting the Adhearsion Community!

Ben Langfeld 20 January 2014 Rio de Janeiro, Brasil