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I’m Ben Langfeld. I’m a software developer. I love Ruby, and so should you. I work mainly in communications, using tools like Adhearsion and XMPP. You can find out more about me here.

I blog occasionally about my work and about programming and business.

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22 May 2013

Adhearsion Survey Results View Comments

We surveyed Adhearsion users to find out how it is being used in the wild, and what factors are important to the people and projects using it. Here are the results.

15 Mar 2013

Adhearsion Voice Platforms - A Comparison View Comments

When I’m at conferences or working with Mojo Lingo clients, I’m often asked about voice application projects that use the Adhearsion framework. Hopefully by providing an overview of the main decision points, you’ll be able to arrive at the most sensible choice of platform for your Adhearsion project.

19 Jul 2012

Refactoring for SRP - an example View Comments

There is much material available online that covers the theory of the Single Responsibility Principle (SRP), but few real world examples. Here's one taken from a medium size open-source codebase just this week.

09 Jan 2012

Adhearsion 2 - Call Controllers & Routing View Comments

Adhearsion 2 presents a new way to write applications - Call Controllers & the call router. Here we'll explain why these changes have been made and how to make use of the new features.

26 Aug 2011

Adhearsion's RESTful Click2Call returns View Comments

Unfortunately, the Adhearsion restful_clicktocall component has been broken for some time. But fear not, we've fixed it up.

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